The quicker you’re able to identify and adapt to someone’s communication style, the better you’ll be able to get that relationship off to a good start right out of the gate.  This is also particularly relevant if the relationship, by its nature, is a brief and important one.

This week, I’m going to give you a high level look at the “D” dimension of the DISC model of behavioural styles, known as the Dominant style.

People who rank high in the “D” component exhibit more active behaviour (as opposed to passive) and are more task oriented (as opposed to people oriented).

General Attributes:

  • Good problem solver
  • Risk taker
  • Strong ego
  • Self-starter
  • Goal-oriented

Key Observable Characteristics:

  • Verbal – talks more than listens, blunt and to the point
  • Vocal – more forceful, challenging tone, high volume
  • Visual – displays impatience, steady eye contact

Behaviour When Under Stress:

  • Dictatorial and critical

How to Communicate with Them Effectively:


  • Be brief, direct and to the point
  • Be prepared and organized
  • Highlight benefits
  • Provide options and, when possible, let them make the decisions


  • Don’t ramble or repeat yourself
  • Don’t focus on problems – focus on solutions
  • Don’t make statements you can’t support

Try putting these things into practice.  Share your success stories by leaving comments!

Have an enjoyable and productive day.  (Emphasis on productive if you’ve got a lot of “D” in you!)